I finally did it!!!

I finally did 100 straight push ups!

It started back in June, when I ran across the challenge, and I decided to go for it.  What was supposed to be a 6 week program took me 15!  :-/  Some of that was due to a crazy summer, but even if I had been able to follow the program exactly, I don’t think that 6 weeks would have been a enough.

Here is a link to my progress spreadsheet. This shows it took me 4688 push ups to reach the goal!

I did not finish quite as strong as I would have liked.  When I got to 90 or so, I was really hurting.  But I changed hand positions a couple of times and somehow got through the last 10.

I actually don’t want to stop the push-ups now, but I do want to work on a new form.  I came across an article showing the elbows should be in (while mine are splayed out) and some other differences.  Now that I did 100 straight, I will go back and work on form.  I also am thinking of some kind of quarterly or yearly challenge, where I pick something like 5000 push ups in a given quarter, along with other exercises and goals such as pull-ups, running, biking, etc.  I’ve already started a little spreadsheet on that and will likely share more on it soon.

And now on to my goal of 15 straight pull-ups!

3 thoughts on “I finally did it!!!

  1. Yeah, I came across this last summer, as well. I ended up meeting a really good chiropractor. I think you know her. No more “real” push-ups for me, especially endurance challenges!

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