Push Up Challenge…. Who else is in? :-)

Several years ago I made two push up challenges for myself…. 600 in one hour and 100 straight. I accomplished the first goal, but got bored with the second and never finished it. I think the final tally was 78, but definitely under 80.

In the past five or six weeks, the topic has come up in a number of places — a conversation here or there, a couple of blog posts, etc. So I think it must be time to pick it up again.

First, here is the latest web page that I happened to come across, and it actually has a schedule to follow over six weeks.

Second, I created a google spreadsheet that will help me follow the schedule above, which you can view here. If you want me to share with you an empty spreadsheet, let me know, and I’ll send it over. Then you can track your own progress.

If you need some accountability, update the comments here with you initial test and a link to your schedule! 🙂 My initial test was 50, though I have done as many as 60 straight in the past couple of months, but I was tired when I attempted. 😉

Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Push Up Challenge…. Who else is in? :-)

  1. I’m in, but lets define the standard for pushups real quick. My opinion is head up with eyes looking ahead and chest to the floor. What are your thoughts?

  2. I normally don’t go quite all the way down… I was taught way back when that going too low would make you susceptible to shoulder injuries, and when we did them for tests in high school, our “counter” would hold their fist under your chest, and it didn’t count if you didn’t touch. So I go about that low — 1.5 – 2″ from the floor.

    I have not paid much attention to my head position, but I can say it is looking down, not ahead. I don’t know that makes too much difference, but it is probably better on the neck!

  3. That is similar to what I was always taught as well. However the Crossfit Standard for Pushups is chest to the ground. They save for full ROM (range of motion). I haven’t heard of any shoulder injuries as a result and it seems to give a nice stretch in the shoulders plus increase ROM for other activities. Similar to doing kipping pullups, some would say that it could hurt your shoulder, but time and some experience has shown me increased ROM.

    As for the head thing, I’ve always been told to look ahead. Main reason was to make sure you went low enough. I know you have to if going chest to ground, look down and you won’t/can’t go as low.

    I’m good on the challenge either way, just let me know which way is acceptable. There would definitely be a difference, that extra 1.5-2″ is a lot of extra work and energy over 100 and then 600 reps.

  4. In my work out today, I tried the head up position, and it is definitely a bit hard on my neck. I think I found a happy medium with it partially up…. And it is also a bit more stressful on my shoulders to go all the way down. Both of these may just take a little extra time to get used to, but I still think I will be careful and not quite go to the floor, and not look straight ahead….

  5. I guess when I say up, it is partially up as well. I look ahead, my eyes are tilted way up. I think that is good though, I’ll send you an article on eye position and neuromuscular response. It was very good info. Don’t tear up your shoulders, especially if you aren’t used to doing them that way. I bet you’ll start going deeper when you get your rings and do some training on those. It forced my ROM a lot further than before, but I had to ease into it. Will do a max effort later today and post the results.

  6. Well finally got to do a max effort. Got 40 reps before they were going to look bad. I would have had to lock out my arms and take a few breaths for more. I’m assuming it is max reps without really stopping. I’ll get started on the program likely tomorrow or do you think I should wait and start the first of next week?

    Had a great CF WOD yesterday, 150 20# Wallballs for time (10ft target). Front squat the ball, explode up and release. Time was 8:41, my legs are screaming today so it was a good day for some pushups.

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