Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa. 2008.

mada2 Saturday was cold and rainy and I could tell there wasn’t going to be much to do, so I looked at what was playing near by and saw Madagascar 2.  So I loaded up the kids and we headed over to the theater for an 11 a.m. showing.  My 1st comment is whatever happened to “matinees?”   It cost just under $20 for 2 kids and me  to get in!  I knew the popcorn and drinks would be high too.  :-/  Oh well.

Riley loved the movie, and Reece did pretty well himself, sitting still (mostly) for about 90 minutes.

I still don’t know why they have to put so much “adult” humor in kids movies these days, but overall it was good and there is nothing way out of line for 3 and 6 year olds.  And there are some good life lessons about friendship, loyalty, parenting, etc., that we were able to talk about a little afterward (at least with Riley).

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