We The Living. Ayn Rand.


Ok, this is the last Rand book I plan on reading for a while, and this is the first book she wrote.  There is a tremendous difference in her writing ability between this and Atlas Shrugged, but that should be expected since she was only 25 when she started We the Living, and it was 25+ years later when she finished Atlas Shrugged.

First – if you have this version — DO NOT READ the forward by Leonard Peikoff before you read the book. There are big spoilers in there and no warnings!

Second, this is a somewhat depressing book, but what it portrays is the Soviet Union just after the revolution and the start of communism, so I don’t doubt its truthfulness.  But the picture it paints of the country and the people is not pretty.

Third, this book is not nearly as deep as Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. It is a good book, but there is only a tiny glimmer of depth here and there compared to those two works.

I had a couple of dog ears for potential quotes, but after re-reading them now, they are not that that thought-provoking so I won’t include them here.

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