Australia: Bussleton, December 3

Today we follwed the other tri-travel athletes into town in our rental “bus” and did an open water swim of about 30 minutes.  Luke Bell, a top pro Australian athlete was there.  After the swim Dad and I found a good breakfast place in the town of Bussleton and then headed to the expo.  Only the two official exhibitors were set up — the rest will be ready Thursday.

When we got back to the hotel, I decided to hire (that is “rent” in US English) a bike…  They have single speed beach cruisers only, and it turned out to be a tough ride when riding into the strong wind off the water!  There is a 25-30k paved path along the beach that goes south of our resort, as well as north past the downtown section of Busstleton, so I rode all of that and took the following pictures:

p1020014 p1020016

p1020020 p1020021

p1020025 p1020027

Later we headed back into town and had dinner at Vasse.  I had a somewhat strange but good risotto with pumpkin, spinach, corn, peas, feta, and fennel.

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