Australia: Ironman WA December 7th live-blog

In a few hours Ironman Western Australia will be underway, and in this post I hope to be able to keep everyone up to date as much as possible. I will be using Dad’s iPhone to get text updates into this post, and I hope to use wifi to get some photo’s in as well. Keep this page open in your browser and refresh it every now and again to see the latest info I have….

4:35 just dropped dad off in the TA. He was up at 2:30 and I got up an hour later.

5:38 Dad has his “wettie” on and we are heading down to the swim start.

5:53 Dad is in the water warming up. Beautiful sunrise. A bit chilly but it will warm up!

6:00 The pros are off!

6:19 1000+ swimmers in a mass start is something to behold.

6:27 I’m walking along the jetty trying to find Dad but there are so many swimmers I am having trouble.

6:37 I think I found him. I hope to post some pictures when be goes out on the 1st bike leg.

6:55 The jetty is closed a couple hundred meters from the turn so I can’t see him for now, but it looks like he will hit the 1/2 way point about 42 – 43 minutes or so.

6:58 FYI there will be a lot fewer posts later when I won’t see him that often!!

7:37 Still going strong, very methodical. Nearing the final turn on the swim and then maybe 300 meters in.

7:57 Hmmm… I lost him in the water when I had to walk off the jetty while the swimmers cut over. 😦

8:07 Bummer, I missed him out of the water and out of the transition., #182, will have better updates than me for while.

8:34 McDonalds just on the edge of town has wireless, so I will post some pictures now.

p1020114 p1020115

p1020117 p1020118

p1020119 p1020124

p1020127 p1020131

8:56 Ok, heading back in to town now. I am bummed I missed him coming out of the water and the swim to bike transition!

9:37 I am standing at the 56 and 58 km mark where I should be able to see him twice within a minute or two. I hope I don’t miss him again.

9:53 He just went by, which means he is finishing the 1st 60km loop of the bike leg, and I won’t see him for a couple more hours. Time to get some brekky!

10:28 I am back at Samovar for brekky.

11:16 The pros just got off the bikes — about 10-12 racers all within 60 seconds of each other!!

12:53 I guess I missed Dad finishing lap 2 but he is out there now. I have been standing where I can watch both the pros on the run and the start of the bike loop.

14:07 Pro male (Berkel) just finished in 8:07 of so. 24 years old, 1st Ironman win. Shortis caught and passed him in the beginning of the 3rd lap, but Berkel would not let it stand.

14:09 Dad should be finishing the bike in the next little bit.

14:10 Shortis just came in. 38 years old. 44th ironman!!

14:56 Dad just came in off the bike. Asked for a coke.

15:21 After the transition and a little coke, he is off on the run.

15:25 McDonalds is about a 20 minute walk one way, and I only have about 5 or 6 pictures, so I will wait to post those.

15:26 The wind is picking up, and the flies are terrible. 😦

15:35 I’ve stepped into “The Goose” for tapas and a James Squire amber ale, my new favorite Australian brew. Here is the view:

The iPhone does not take the greatest pictures so I will use the real camera and post it later.

16:03 Sitting here watching all these great athletes run by really makes me want to get in shape!

17:11 Dad just passed by me, and I am still at The Goose. This is probably the 11km mark or so. I think he is about 1:50 into the run with 33km to go. He was running and looking fine, though he did not hear me yell “go Dad!”  I thing “Butler” works better. 🙂

17:29 Hah! I sat here at The Goose for over 2 hours and when I went to use the rest room there was a big sign saying they have free Internet… So let me upload some more photos. These 1st two are at the end of the 1st bike leg.

p1020138 p1020139

Ok, no wonder Internet is free here. 1000 ms back to the states! 😦

Here he is coming off the bike and starting the run:

p1020144 p1020145


And this is him running by The Goose around the 11km mark:


17:43 Ok, that is all the pictures for now. Dad is on the 16 or 17k mark of the run. I won’t see him again for another hour, I would guess.

19:42 Dad just passed me, he is about 2 km from finishing the 2nd of 3 loops. He again is asking for a coke as he is having trouble eating and drinking, and is afraid to run until he gets something with fizz. I will try to get something before he returns, I’m 2 km.

20:08 on the last 14km run leg, I was able to get a coke and ice…

20:30 walking the last bit in with dad.

20:34 Oops, Marshall just said I could not walk with Dad too long. :-/ So he is on his own for a bit… He is feeling better with the coke, but is not ready to run.

20:57 I just ran back to the finish area. Apparently “walking with” is considered outside assistance here, so I stopped as soon as a Marshall asked if I would be walking with Dad for long. He has about 10km to go I would guess.

22:18 2km to go!

22:25 His stomach has not felt good during the run so he has been walking it in. Just a few more minutes.

22:38 just ran thru!

22:49 All done. We are going to pack up and call it a day. I’ll write more tomorrow. Finish time was somewher around 16:23 I think.

Dec 8 Follow-up…

We got home and showered and went right to bed, and this morning we got up and went right to breakfast, since Dad had not eaten anything last night.  Official finish time according to was 16:23:00.  I did run across the finish line with Dad — he wanted me to — though it did feel a little funny since I had not raced at all.

I woke up with terribly painful heels for some reason.  Maybe a combination of the long hike in keens in thick sugar sand and on the beach a few days ago, all the walking and running yesterday, etc.  I took some ibuprofen, I’m wearing a pair of Dad’s compression socks, and they are doing better.  I hurt worse than Dad and he is the one who raced!

I really don’t have any more pictures to post than what I had last night, as it got dark and then I was walking with Dad whenever the marshal would allow!

We had fun but we are a both looking forward to getting home and seeing our loved ones.  We miss you all!

[ p.s. I cleaned up some of the typo’s I had yesterday while posting updates from the iphone…]

3 thoughts on “Australia: Ironman WA December 7th live-blog

  1. Wow, thanks for writing all this it is great to be able to keep up with the race. I feel part of the emotional turmoil I felt when I was in Brazil!

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