Recently watched movies…

Flying to Australia and back gives me a chance to watch a lot of movies.  On a 13-15 hour flight, I can fit in 2 full movies and still find time to read and sleep and eat.  What else is there to do?  The flying time plus the movies running in the room constantly (Dad turns them on all the time), and I saw a bunch of movies.  I won’t write much about most of them, and going forward, I won’t be posting about every movie I see, just those that strike my in some way, shape, or form.


hancock   leatherheads   ghost
catsanddogs   momma   coolhand


Brief summaries:

Hancock –  – not Will Smith’s best

Leatherheads – pretty good, I’ve always been impressed with Renee Zellweger… (Well, other than the 4 month marriage to Kenny Chesney!  But she was awesome in Cold Mountain.)

Cats and Dogs –  made me laugh.  a lot.  silly, but hilarious.

Momma Mia – much better than I thought.  Very good.

Capote –  I was so tired that I did not make it through, but I  will watch the rest of it, maybe tonight.   Philip  Seymour Hoffman was amazing in what I did stay awake for.

Cool Hand Luke – Ok, but by no means was I blown away with it.  Maybe my expectations were too high based on how much I have heard about it.

Ghosttown – odd in that it was very funny for about the 1st half of it, and then it got much more serious.  I  laughed hard during the funny part, and the serious part  was good too, in a different way.

I saw parts of other movies, but that is good enough for now…


UPDATE:  Wow, just finished Capote…  No wonder Hoffman won the Oscar for Best Actor.  Amazingly good movie, though not a “happy ending.”  Makes me want to read Capote’s books now.

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