Music Monday January 19th 2009

I tried a couple “Music Monday” posts last year, but was not consistent at all.  I am not promising to have a music post every monday, but I will at least try to have a few more.

Today’s music is music that I missed last year — music that showed up on a few “best of 2008” lists that I saw in late December — that I have really gotten into the past few weeks.

The first band is Fleet Foxes, which has a very unique, fresh sound in today’s music world.  Check out this claymation video for one of my favorite songs off their album:

The second band is Blitzen Trapper, and their album Furr.  Almost every song on this album sounds different from the others songs, almost a unique genre for each!  Here is an album of their song “Furr” which Riley has been requesting constantly (“play the song where the boy turns into a wolf!”).

And a much darker song:

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