In Cold Blood. Truman Capote.


After watching the movie “Capote” back in December, I wanted to read at least a couple of Truman Capote’s books.  I decided on “In Cold Blood” to start, since that is really what the movie was about.  It is somewhat fascinating to compare the movie, which is really about Capote writing this book, and even more so about Capote himsel, at least at that point in his life, to the book, which is really about the murders that took place, and has nothing to do with Capote himself other than it is through his eyse that you see the story.  It is told almost as a documentary, with lots of interviews and quotes, along with research into this crime and others like it that had occured in the same era.   I love the movie — Hoffman did a great job portraying Capote — but the book is just so-so.  A good read for the story, but there isn’t anything beyond that.

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