Mini Projector on the Mini 9

I sat next to a fellow gadget fiend on the flight home the other night, and we hooked up his mini projector (a little bigger than a deck of cards) to my hackintosh dell mini 9, to make a 30″ screen on the airplane wall!

This isn’t a great picture, but I still had to share…  (Shot with an iphone in a pretty dark airplane cabin…)


4 thoughts on “Mini Projector on the Mini 9

  1. If we’d used that nice, upgraded, 1.3 MP camera on the Dell Mini, then the picture probably would have turned out much better – but then again, we wouldn’t get to enjoy seeing the Dell Mini in the shot…

    This was the fastest 4.5 hour flight in my life. – Great chatting with you, and I’m honored by the term ‘Gadget Fiend’.

  2. I’ve decided that the next wave of netbooks need a pico projector on the back so you can throw a 30″ screen on a wall behind you.

    Last week was my 1st week of just using the netbook while on the road. For 95% of the time it was great, but one time I had to work on a document, culling info from a much larger doc (100+ pages), and it would have been nice to have a little more screen real estate.

    For email and web browsing, the netbook is great.

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