Music Monday: Avett Brothers in concert recap


On Saturday August 8th, I finally got to see the Avett Brothers live.  Over the past couple years, they have quickly become one of my favorites.  Something about their music is just right for me — combining excellent lyrics (raw, honest, intelligent), with music that you can’t really categorize — blue grass infused with country, rock, pop, folk, etc.  And there is so much energy!

We saw them in Charlotte, which is their hometown, and I think that helped make their live show even more special and more energetic.  There was a great combination of old and new, fast and slow.  I was really surprised by a couple of these — like Left on Laura, Left on Lisa…  I would have loved to see them play my all-time favorite — The Gift for Melody Anne.   But I certainly can’t complain.  This is a long set list (~ 2.5 hours) and it was a great show.


Kelly took a few movies with our point and shoot camera, which I uploaded to youtube:

Here are a few more photo’s:




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