Trails of Chatham County

Over the coming months, I’ll be working on a blog series of all the trails in Chatham County (at least the ones I know about!).  I’ll be going out to hike or, more likely, run the trails, tracking them on a GPS, taking some pictures, and giving some comments.  This post will be updated as I go and serve as a “home page” for this series.

(Click on a blue bubble to see the trail name.)

Links to specific trail posts:

  1. Jordan Lake:  Vista Point
  2. Jordan Lake:  New Hope
  3. Jordan Lake:  Sea Forth
  4. Triangle Land Conservatory:  White Pines
  5. American Tobacco Trail
  6. Haw River @ 64 West side
  7. Haw River @ 64 East side
  8. Haw River @ 15/501
  9. Briar Chapel
  10. Northwood Highschool Cross Country Trail

If I’m missing any, let me know and I’ll be sure to add them.  I love to explore new places!

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