Trails of Chatham County: Briar Chapel

Location: See Map

Description: Briar Chapel is a new “mega” development in Chatham County.  They plan on miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, so that is great for those of us close enough by to use them!  I’ve only been out here a few times.  Right now there are a combination of double track/fire road and single track.  The mountain bike trails can be quite technical and difficult for non experienced riders!  They are tight and twisty, with lots of rocks and roots.  The trail itself, when you are on it, is un-blazed but not difficult to follow.  The difficulty comes from mixing and matching the fire roads and single track into one cohesive hike/run.  You can park in the neighborhood itself where there is a marquee, though the trail map leaves a lot to be desired.  The GPS track below shows parking at the construction area of the new school off Andrews Store road, just past Woods Charter.  The single track on the back side of Woods Charter is quite nice, while the single track in the neighborhood on the south side of the “parkway” is quite technical.  There is also the trail along the power lines, which in the summer I understand is over grown — so watch out for ticks and chiggers.

Distance: This is a bit hard to say…  You can make it pretty long, if you want.  The GPS track below shows about 6 miles.  You can also make it short depending on where you park and the route you choose.

Difficulty: This again is hard to say.  There are sections of the single track that are quite technical.  There are also several decent hills mixed in — while none are that long, a couple are pretty steep.



None taken…

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