Pose Method of Running

Pictured are both the book and the DVD…  Both are somewhat expensive relative to most books and DVDs, so I would recommend spending a fair amount of time on the web site before purchasing, to make sure they are for you.

The Pose method is similar to Chi Running, which I read and reviewed here, though Pose is much more “scientific.”  Chi is kind of go with the flow, and use nature (gravity) and your body as you feel, while Pose feels and sounds more scientifically grounded.  At the end of the day, both forms are quite similar.  Both utilize a very slight forward lean so that you are working with gravity, not against it.  Both teach you to run without braking, by modifying your form.  (Forward lean is really not the best word or image for what is going on, but it is all we have…)

I’m working on many of the drills in the book and in the video.  I would definitely say the video is a must on some of the drills, as seeing them in action by a real person vs. just reading about them makes a huge difference in understanding exactly what must be done.

One cool thing is about 1/2 way through the book, when you still have not done any running or any drills, he tells you to go to a local race to watch.  Watch the differences between the elite runners and the back of the pack.  How quiet and efficient the fast runners are vs. how loud and clumsy the slow runners are.  Watch the heel strike of the slow runners vs. the ball of foot/mid foot strike of the fast runners.  Watch the amount of time the fast runners foot stays on the ground, which is tremendously minimal vs. the slow runners, which can seem like an eternity.  I happened to go to a race to watch my wife run, and it was amazing to see how accurate all of this was.

Quote: When you understand one thing through and through, you understand everything.  Shunyro Suzuki

(Thus the need for doing the drills over and over…)

I’m still working on the drills, but I would say the form as outlined is sound, and the drills should help you get there.  I especially like his stance on barefoot training (he is fore it)…  And I love jumping rope barefoot.

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