Same Kind of Different As Me. Ron Hall, Denver Moore.

This is another example of how dangerous the Kindle is!  Being able to sample a book, a book I probably would not have glanced at a 2nd time anywhere else, can get you hooked!  I saw this mentioned in blog post by John Piper, where all he said was:

If you want to crawl inside the possible world that opens when a dirt-poor, illiterate, former-share-cropin’, homeless 50-something enters the life of a swank, upscale, southern, Christian art dealer, read Same Kind of Different As Me. These two men tell their increasingly interwoven stories in alternating short chapters that kept me coming back night after night.

So I downloaded the sample, and was hooked a few minutes later.   It was really a great story, well told by the two men who are completely different and write in completely different ways.  Ron, the “rich art dealer,” really strikes a chord with me personally, in how he shows how easy it is to give charitably, but in a distanced manner where you don’t have to risk getting too close, to personally involved.   How true that is!

And Denver is full of wisdom, yet is a person you would never expect it from:

  • There was found in the city a certain poor man who was wise and by his wisdom he saved the city.
  • But you go on down to Louisiana right now, and take a drive on down the back roads in Red River Parish, and you might be able to see how a colored man that couldn’t read and didn’t have no radio, no car, no telephone, and not even ‘lectricity might fall through a crack in time and get stuck, like a clock that done wound down and quit.
  • the more I became convinced we’d enjoy life a whole lot more if we owned a whole lot less
  • on saying yes to being a friend: “Don’t catch and release no matter how difficult it gets.”
  • A successful person is one who is living a joyful life with the hand he or she was dealt.
  • A successful person is one who can thank God for nothin’, and then He’ll give him everything!

1 thought on “Same Kind of Different As Me. Ron Hall, Denver Moore.

  1. Our Brothers Keeper-lotusdell
    Discussing the issues of Poverty around the world and locally as well…Why doesn’t Lubbock Texas have a homeless shelter?

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