Boston Marathon Liveblog

I am going to attempt a live blog of the Boston Marathon as Dad and Kim race. We’ll see how it goes.

6:50 — saw Dad and Kim off from the hotel. They are taking a taxi to the runner bus station in Boston, where they will take the bus to the start at Hopkinton.    And there they will have an hour or two to wait for their start at 10:30.

8:00 — after a bit of email, loading my pack, getting fed, I am out the door. Taking the red line to South Station where I will pick up the P509 Worcester train @ 8:50 for Framingham. That is the last rail stop where you can get close to the marahon course, and it is at mile 6.

8:30 Waiting at South Station.

if you want text updates from AT&T for when Dad and Kim cross certain points, text “runner” to 31901 and then when you get a reply enter the bib numbers…

Kim — 27665
Dad — 27617

8:51 slight delay in boarding and leaving… mad dash of people ran for the track when it was announced… out bounds in the morning are normally NOT this crowded!

8:57 – the train has left the station!

the science of sport will be doing live splits for the leaders, which should be interesting. Will Ryan Hall have his break out race and win it all?

9:08 standing room only:

9:26 – a few more stops to Framingham… I’ll have a tough decision to make at some point as there is nearly a two hour gap on inbound trains which could put me in jeopardy of making it back into the city for seeing Dad and Kim finish. :-(. Not sure how much I can trek on foot.

9:55 just got to Framingham…

10:09. lead women just passed where I am in about 38 minutes… I must be further than the 10k which is where I thought I was… going to start heading up the course…

10:28. ran a little over a mile up, now waiting for the lead men. Dad and Kim should be starting in two minutes. I’m just short of the 8 mile mark.

10:38 lead pack of men just passed in a little under 38 minutes — again I am a little short of the 8 mile mark. they are fast! 🙂

10:45. that will be the last of my posts on the elites… think I’ll head up the course some more so I have more options on the trains!

11:02 I’m at the mile 9 marker. I’ve gotten no text updates for 3 wave 1 runners shooting for 3 hr runs so it looks like ther may be too much of a delay to be useful to know when to expect dad and Kim

11:04  random picture of runners

11:06 I have yet to see a barefooted or vibram wearer. but I have not been looking that close!

11:23 wave 1 is finally starting to thin out a bit here at the mile 9 marker… it would be just about impossible to spot someone in particular as thick as it was!

11:37 the beginning of wave 2 is now coming through mile 9…

12:09. Kim just passed mile 9. I’m going to have to make a run for the train station or I am going to be stuck.

12:30 ran 1.5 miles for the station and made it, but now the train is late. I had to make the tough decision to not wait for Dad at mile 9 as the next inbound train is at 2:20 pm and I would not have made it back to Boston until too late! Now I need to figure out when to get off next!

12:39 I think I’ll get off in Newton, just past mile 19. I can make it in from there on foot if needed! Bummed I’m missing “kiss me corner” at Wesley College! 🙂

12:53 ATT texts do not seem to be working for most spectators around me, but Nadia in GA is getting them! she just sent me this:

They’ve both passed the 15k mark–your dad just a little while ago, and
Kim about 10 minutes before him. By my calculations, Kim will be at 20k
before 1:00. Your dad should be there before 1:15.

I think I’ll jump off the train a little sooner than I said in my last update.

13:27. just arrived at the 30k mark — hope I didn’t miss Kim!

13:37. finally saw some bare footers! the lady was in a full body cheetah leotard.

13:43 definitely missed kim according to the splits on the web… by maybe 10 minutes at most, probably a lot less — she sped up! now need to figure out what to do and how to get back!

13:49. looks like a 2 mile run to the 1st subway station… will hang here at 30k a bit to see if I can catch Dad…

14:05. still no Dad here at 30k and the web shows no 25k time… not sure what is going on… Kim past 35k and should be done soon but I am miles form the finish… time to run to the T I guess…

14:34 just past mile 20 waiting o see if dad shows up. based on updates from Nadia he should be here any minute…

14:49 word from Nadia is Kim finished in 3:49. I’m with dad on heart break hill.

15:21 still close to Dad near mile 23. I was going to take the T in but I’m able to keep up with the train because t is moving so slow due to all the people…

15:27 dad is making phone calls from the course.

15:51 passing mile 25, 1.2 to go! I’m still tailing dad from off course.

16:23 at the end waiting to find everyone… the last mile was impossible as a spectator to keep moving and I had to go a few blocks around

16:40 in taxi heading towards hotel

17:22 cleaned up a few typos from a real computer.  the end.  thanks for watching.

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