The Big Book of Endurance Training. Dr. Phil Maffetone.

I could write my own review, or I could point you at Tuck’s to save a lot of time.  🙂  There’s not a whole lot I don’t agree with there.  Plus, I personally know the sock-doc and agree with most of what he writes, and he has a recommendation/commentary in the Big Book…  (Though the sock doc does not agree fully with Dr. Phil….  He’s a bit more attuned to Joe Friel for the better trained athlete in terms of HR zones…)

I would add that I found Dr. Phil a bit all over the place, a bit more “new age-ish” than scientific in spots, which makes it hard to follow, especially if you are more of a logically oriented reader.   So it is a good read with a lot of good information, but a bit spaghetti-like; however, if you are looking for a reference book on training and diet, this is not it.  I.e. it is not quick to pick up and find something specific that you are looking for.  You’d probably have to read a chapter or two; though since the chapters are mostly short, that’s perhaps not too bad of a drawback.


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