2011 Reading Shelf

I was pretty bad about my normal reading notebook posts this year, probably only posting about half of the books I’ve read.  For that, I apologize, but above you can see a book shelf of the year.  Life got pretty busy and it was difficult to find time to write about each book — even to get my own personal notes from each of these books in order.  A few of these I didn’t quite finish, and probably never will, such as “Good Calories Bad Calories” and “The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.”  Not that they are bad books, just that I reached a point where I had gotten all I wanted to out of them.

“Watership Down” and “The Hobbit” were re-reads, both classics, the latter read to my 6 year old son Reece.  He now wants to move on to the Lord of the Rings trilogy!  Of course there were several food/diet related books, as I continue to investigate my own digestion (which has been doing much much better, but is still not quite where I want it to be!)

If I were to make recommendations, “Unbroken,” Watership Down,” and “The Hobbit” are must reads in the fiction category.  “Steve Jobs” is an amazing biography of a pretty amazing man that influenced our technologies tremendously during his life.  “The Perfect Health Diet” is probably the closest to where I am in my diet right now, though I’d guesstimate I’m only 75-80% PHD compliant.  And finally, “Never Silent” is truly an amazing and eye-opening account of where and how the Anglican Church in America has come to be…

While the total number of books read is a bit lower, most of that is due to reading more articles on-line, but it was still a good year in reading for me.



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