Uhwarrie Race Reports

A compendium:

40 milers:



Running Down

I’d Rather Be Outside Now

20 milers:

Der Scott

Running Diatribe

Beauty and Change

Vado Porro – Go Further

fat silly yak

I’ll keep updating this as they come out, so send any I’m missing my way…

And some quotes:

Running Down:  “Uwharrie is not just a race. It is our local epic adventure.”

Charles West:  “The Uwharrie National Forest on a cloudy, foggy, rainy, overcast day is a magical place that’ll remind you of why it’s so awesome to be alive and do something epic with incredible people who do things that amaze and inspire you.”

Der Scott:  “Uwharrie is different. He is like the older, harder, gristly uncle who thinks your father has been too soft on you. Uncle Uwharrie loves you, but thinks that pushing you to the limit will make you a stronger person. As you struggle through his challenges, even at your lowest points, he tells you in no uncertain terms to “Grow up!”. And then when you’ve made it through, he slaps your back and gives you your first beer. He’s the uncle you love and respect. And also fear.”

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