Leadville – Race Start

Note:  This is a continuation of the Leadville post series which are email updates from Kelly to Family and Friends…

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know that Sean got a great start at 4:00 AM.  Paul and I saw him off then returned to the house for a brief rest (and to get the kids awake and ready).  Gordo handled the first checkpoint at Mayqueen.  He said that he was doing very well and right on with his estimated time.  Then we joined up at the next checkpoint, Fish Hatchery, which was around mile 23.5 into the race.   It was insanely disorganized – an overlap of runners coming and going, crews entering and exiting, all within the SAME entry point!  I spotted Sean and got him directed (as soon as he checked into the race tent) to Gordo’s roadside crew aid.  He was still right on target (mid-way between his best and worst time estimates – which is perfect).

Here are a few shots from the start.  Yes, it was very dark!


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