Leadville – Start to Pipeline

Note:  Part 3 in the series of emails from Kelly to friends and family…

Hopefully everyone received my first email about the Race Start and photos.  This is my second attempt to send the next update.  I had to retype/input email addresses because my laptop won’t show the addresses in a “reply to all” from the last email.  My laptop has a low connection to Sean’s iPad, which has the internet connection, so it’s struggling a bit.  I’m going to have to try reducing the image size to see if that helps.

Anyways, here are some shots of Sean running the 4 mile stretch from the Fish Hatchery checkpoint to Treeline checkpoint.    Thankfully, our access into and out of Treeline was much easier!  A minute after he left our crew truck, he called for Reece to bring his glasses.  Reece was delighted and zoomed out there faster than any of us could have!

The temperature is warming up – the race started in the 30s and it was into the upper 50s by this time.  The sun gets pretty intense here, especially without the trees.  Soon, he’ll be entering the forest and some trails – I hope!

He was again in his target time zone and looking good!

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