Trail run on the Colorado Trail/CDT

Ben and I drove out towards Breckenridge and picked up this trail at 9000’+, and climbed (steeply!) up to 12,300, went down the back side a bit towards Copper Mountain, before returning to the car.  20 miles at an average of 11,000′, and I’m wondering how I possibly completed Leadville 100 two summers ago!  It didn’t help that I was in the very minimal Trail Glove 3 on these very rocky (and sharp rocks, at that!) trails!   I was very slow the last couple miles down as my feet were pretty beat up by that point.

Here are some of the photos I took.  As you can see, the wildflowers were amazing, there’s still snow up high, and the views, while somewhat obstructed by clouds/fog, were still amazing.



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