AT & UT Day 5: Bryce 100M (which turned into a 100k for me)

Day 5 and 6 were going to be about the 100 mile race, but it wasn’t my day so I called it.  Physically I feel like I was prepared, as I have little soreness today after stopping at mile 60 and getting to bed by midnight.  I’ll write a proper race report later, but I wanted to get some photos of the course posted, as it is stunning.  For now here’s what I wrote on FB:

Hi everyone, thanks for all the support yesterday… I decided to pull the plug at mile 60. I thought about it from 30-50 and was ready to stop there, but my family (especially R1) and friends wouldn’t hear about it. Ben Reeves actually jumped in and paced me 9 miles getting me back up and over the biggest climb, even though he has a 50k today. I really treasure the friendship we’ve shared over the years — and the many adventures! We were reminiscing over some of them on the car ride home…
I’m not sure exactly what happened, maybe a combo of the heat and altitude and a bit of dehydration (ran out of water going in to 28) conspired against me, but the “bathroom services” of my body where just not happy. Every time I ran I got super uncomfortable.   
Power hiking at 15-17 minutes per mile was fine, but I didn’t think walking all night sounded fun, so I called it a day, got showered, and was in bed by midnight. Now today I’ll get to participate in Kelly Allenbaugh Butler’s half and Ben’s 50k.
Today I have pretty minor body soreness, the feet check out, etc. So I was physically prepared, but sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. It’s my 1st DNF, but I am perfectly ok with it.
BTW, the Bryce course is simply amazing… I’ll post pictures later!

Here are some of those photos:

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