AZ & UT Day 6:  Bryce Half Marathon and 50k

Today was about the Bryce half marathon that Kelly ran, and the 50k that Ben ran.  I was glad to be able to be present, rather than laid out in bed if I had finished the 100.  :-). Allison took Ben to the early 50k start, and I took Kelly to the half start.  After a bib number snafu in which we had to leave the start and head 95% of the way back to the house to get the bib from Allison, Kelly got to the start with about 0 seconds to spare!  

After the races, the adults drove over to Cedar City for dinner – what a crazy drive!  Gorgeous, though we didn’t take many pictures…  And the wild life was insane.  On the return trip we saw countless deer, several pronghorn (including one just a few feet from the car that bucked at us), jack rabbit, fox, divebombing birds, etc.  We had an excellent Thai dinner at Sweet Basil Thai.

Photos from the day:

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