2nd Post Op

I met with my OS again today, 11 days after my surgery. Over the weekend I had only done PT once each day instead of twice, and iced it 3 or 4 times instead of my normal 7 or 8 times, as we were busy running errands, seeing family, going to chruch, etc. And yesterday (Sunday), it got pretty sore in the middle of the day even though I don’t think I have used it that much. I actually took about 400 mg of ibuprofin. I’m not feeling 100% anyway, with a head cold and very light stomach quesiness, so maybe that’s related?

Over all the Dr. seems pretty happy with my progression. He also showed me where a plica was that he removed — something I saw in the RX but that I had missed in the 1st post op. It ran diagonally, with the high end on the lateral aspect of the knee, about midway on the patella, inferiorly, to the area of the patella tendon. I’ve been sore along the ITB, but also on the surrounding tissue. And I’ve got a lot of bruising in that area.

The Dr. said to just use my swelling (effusion) as my guide — not so much the pain/discomfort, as that will probably move around the next few weeks. But if after I do my PT, I’m more swollen than before, to back off a bit. He said I could start to increase my walk/cycle times a minute at a time, but to make sure I listen (or watch!) my body.

He said that this would not be a 2 – 3 week recovery as you often see for pro atheletes after a scope, because he had done more work, espeically with the plica removal and partition clean up. He expects me to start some light running in 2 to 3 weeks.

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