Update on push-up challenge

Back in June, I decided to take the 100 straight push-up challenge. In hindsight, starting this at the beginning of a summer filled with lots of travel, both personal and business, was not a great idea.  While I quickly worked up to week 5 without any problems, week 5 is VERY tough, and it did not help at all that I was missing many of the days, and even a complete week!

However, now that Septemeber is here and the kids are in school, our travel schedule should be much more sane, and I’m ready to recommit myself.  So here it is, week 11 from when I originally started, but I am jumping back in with the week 5 workouts!  Spreadsheet is here.

Wish me luck.  🙂

Once I can do 100 straight, I plan to work on 15 straight pull-ups!

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