Chi Running. Danny Dreyer.


As most of you know, I have a history of knee problems, though I do seem to be getting better and better.  I am runing faster than anytime in the past 4 years (but still about a minute per mile slower in a 5k than before my knee got really bad).  And I’ve heard good things about the style of running described in Chi Running, so I wanted to read the book.  There is a lot of common sense information here, and I really need to take the time to put it into practice, work on the exercises and the form, before I can say whether this form is going to “fix me.”  Overall my form is not that bad per se, but I have biomechanical deficiencies… Now which came first, I can not say — i.e. did my bio mechanics change to prevent the pain, or did the bio mechanics cause the pain?

Anyway, reading this makes me want to also get the DVD, but even more so sign up for one of the Chi Running workshops.  There are some as close as Raleigh, but since Danny lives in western NC, I may try to get into one he teaches himself in Asheville.

The book is full of philosphy from T’ai Chi that are applied to both running and life.  (Many of the philosphies are similar to Yoga…)  Anyway, here are some such tidbits of information:

It was weird to find a quote fomr Cecil DeMill regarding his film “The 10 Commandments,” but there it was:

It is impossible to break the law ourselves.  We can only break ourselves against the law.

(Here Dreyer was referring to “moving with nature,” not against it.  Or using gravity to propel your running (via a forward lean) rather than the power of your own muscles.)

Relaxation is the absence of unnecessary effort.

A tansition is a conscious pause.  It is a time to take stock of yourself and thing about the run before you are about to begin.  The space before a run is like the pause between breaths.  It’s the thoughtful momemnt that precedes movement, when you set up your intentions of what you’d like to do during your run.  It’s your opportunity to ponder what you’d like to focus on, whether it is pacing, focuses, weak areas of form,….

Our culture offers us little in terms of training us how to live and appreciate life from the inside out.  So much of our focus is on the external that little attention is put on considering what goes on internally…

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