16 years!

Sixteen years ago, on May 8th, 1993, Kelly and I got married.  I am so blessed to have her in my life, and I thank God for her every day.  In many ways, we have grown up together, and each of us is who we are because of the other.  I would not have done it any other way.  We have truly lived a dream.

Here is a relatively recent picture of the two of us.  (You can clearly see I married way above myself! )


I am no poet — never have been and never will be (so please don’t make fun of me!) — but here is something I wrote a few months after we started dating:

Kelly’s Poem

The rings of the moon, and Heaven’s Star,

Will never be as beautiful to me as you are.

Gold and Riches may one day be mine,

But their value will never be as thine.

The longer we are together,

The more I love you;

I hope that this is forever,

And I hope you hope it too.

Love is ours to explore —

We can have so much more — we just have to be willing to try,

To never say goodbye.

— 1988

(The “rings of the moon” is from a night in October 1987, about 3 weeks after we started dating, where there were two “rings” of light around the moon — a beautiful sight indeed, and one I have never seen since.)

Happy anniversary Kelly!  I love you with all my heart.

1 thought on “16 years!

  1. We love both of you guys. Thanks for bringing a tear to my eye!!! You guys are the best, and I am thankful God brought you together and then into our lives!!!!!

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