2015 Strava stats

Here are my 2015 Strava stats:


compared to last year:


Though last year’s post says I started using Strava exclusively sometime in July (2014), and while I tried to transfer things over, perhaps somethings were lost.

Looking at 2015 I see some of the same problems I had in 2014 — I need to work heavily on strength, especially leg strength and core strength, to improve my running.

For 2015 in review, I did have solid runs at Uhwarrie 40, Jordan Lake 12 hour (53 miles), 75 miles on the AT, at Hinson (83 miles), and Pinhoti 100.   Jordan was a bit of a struggle with stomach pain and the AT was just hard all around, but overall those were 5 very solid ultra runs for me.

In 2016, beyond strength, I will continue to work on my mountain biking.  I also somehow need to work on mobility — some kind of movement practice like MoveNat or the Mobility WOD or even getting back to some yoga.  Something to reverse some of the “damage” just running and riding cause!

For races, it’s still coming together, but I’m definitely in Uhwarrie 40 in February, Mountains to Sea 50k in April, and Hinson Lake 24 hour in September.  I need to find a long mountain bike race or two, and need to get a WS100 qualifier in so I can keep increasing my tickets in the lottery, I’m just not sure which races I’ll choose yet.  It should all be finalized in the next week or two.


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